Recycling mind blown

Eventually I would like to grow my own food and can it myself. Until then we have a healthy supply of store-bought canned goods.

Recycling is very important to me. I’m not neurotic or anything, but every little bit helps. Conserving water, reusing gift bags, even the wrinkly old tissue paper. One of the easiest is cans from the canned goods. Cut off the top, use the stuff inside, rinse and add to the recycling box.

…but what about the top?

You can’t just leave that floating around, it’s crazy sharp and would definitely inflict a nasty wound. The solution is so simple, it will blow your mind!

Don’t cut it all the way off! I merely cut most of the top leaving about 1/4″, after dumping out the contents, quick rinse and push the top inside. DONE! Safely recycling even more! YAY!







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