Two years ago my parents suggested that we move into their house. It’s big enough for all of us and if we didn’t they’d have to sell it and down-size because it’s too much to upkeep now.

As an only child, the house would eventually become mine anyway, so why not.  We agreed and at that point our lives started to change. We realized that the ties we had hoped to make in this town we both grew up in were not really existent.  We just didn’t fit in anymore. Town was (is) slowly becoming a city and you don’t have to leave it to find nearly anything you might want. There are many big box stores, gobs of franchises and *at least* four Dunkin Donuts. Not to mention you can buy any make of car – they are all represented in this town. Anyway, during this process to move into Papa and Oma’s house we have learned so much about our plans for the future.  We hadn’t really been thinking about it. We knew we wanted to have a motorhome when we retired (check) so we could travel to all the glorious places this country has to offer. We always heard other families saying how they are eager to go to Europe. Yeah, I’ve been to Ireland and Germany, it’s gorgeous there, but HEY NOW, what about *this* country?!?  Am I right? I know I am, there is so much beauty right here. So many fantastic things. We want a simple life, for us *and* our children. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the youngest ones flew the nest like the first four, even though they promise they’ll never leave. (There are days I can’t wait for them to be 18…) However, we like the idea of having an estate where we live in the main house and we have two or three other tiny houses for them.  Keep them close.

But for now, we have to pack up this place and move. You can enjoy our progress and learn from our mistakes.