What is that?

Every now and then while driving on a main state road in my town I see this beat-up looking truck. The fact that it is a little rough around the edges didn’t make it stand out all that much. It was the letters on the front grill. Hand painted block letters on a piece of Read More

The Man Cave pic

Opening the store

Recently, I attended a webinar on how to create your own blog/website. Of course, I already have one, but it could sure use some tweaks. One of the improvements I have added since then was my storefront, which I believe is quasi-open at the moment. There are products up for sale, yet the portion that Read More

The Man Cave pic

A new day!

Today was the day. I have basically been secretly writing this blog. Secretly, because no one else knew anything about it…until today. Today I invited everyone on my Facebook friend list to see my blog. There’s no turning back now.  The master procrastinator bit the bullet. Oh wait, no, there was one person, Kim. Kim Read More