Remember me?

OK, I haven’t been exactly regular about my posts, but I *have* been working behind the scene on the blog.  Quite busy setting up all the other parts to make sure I don’t miss anyone who may be looking for what these chats will contain. So, there is a Facebook page, Pinterest, Instagram (I don’t even know ho to use that yet), and Twitter. Before I set them up correctly (*hope* they are in fact set up correctly…), it was quite the challenge to figure out how to get the little buttons on the page so you can actually follow along on all those social medias. Geez! I feel so behind the times when I *used* to be really advanced in my computer knowledge.  There was actually a time when I was customer service for a software company, and I solved *many* technical issues. Now it seems like it’s a foreign language.

Anyway, I’m almost completely back.  The plan is to post a project tomorrow, complete with pictures.

Until then, be kind.  😀

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