Where have i been?

Whoa! Life got a little crazy and this got away from me. When I began to set up this blog I would do it in the evening after hubby went to bed. With the house nice and quiet, not to mention my tendency to be a night owl, I stayed up too late for too many days and burnt out. Man, getting old is rough!

So. What’s been happening? We’ve taken the motorhome camping. We bought season passes to an amusement park. We’ve continued our moving and packing process. The bathroom will be painted this morning. We have our grandson, Domenik, visiting since Saturday. He is such a good boy. I can’t believe he will be eight in just a few months.

This afternoon when my honey gets home we are going to pile into the truck and go to the water park…again. We have definitely gotten our money’s worth out of these tickets.

So, although I am on summer shutdown with work and hoping to make some money here, I would really enjoy making crafts. Trouble is, I don’t know where to focus all my crafting desires. I love working with paper, wood, fabric, painting…yeah, those are the big ones. I’m open to anything… but those draw me in. So, what do I do? Make signs? It seems I need a catch. Perhaps I just need to actually do it. Because of all the moving plans, my craft room is overcome. That settles it. I must clear out my niche and get the butt in gear. Alright, see you tomorrow and let’s see how close I am to taking another step closer to my crafting dreams.

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