Happy 4th of July!

This morning my honey went to his friend’s house to get them to take our pellet stove.  Ahhh, something else gone from the house to make our move easier!  Our friend brought his friend who may be interested in our motorcycle. He is! Just has to clear it with his wife.

By the time my honey got back it was getting a little late, Delia was supposed to have a play date at 1:00. But we had to get to Lake Compounce to get our Season Pass ID cards and clear up our reservation for the RV and cabin sites. They didn’t give us our discount. Of course, we didn’t think about everyone else who would be there to enjoy the park.  UGH. So we had a nice long walk to the park, bag search, wait in line, get pictures taken and another reason for the visit was to get Delia some water shoes for her visit on Wednesday. All other stores we attempted to buy them from were sold out. Of course, once we made it through the gate – try to keep 2 teenagers off the rides… We had some fried dough, the kids went on a few rides, we bought water shoes and finally, headed home.  Only two hours late for her playdate. Bummer, I haven’t met the family yet so I’m sure that didn’t sit well.

Get back home and try to finish getting this blog set up.  I think it may be published, but not sure. I need to alter the home page, but it won’t allow me to edit the link. Think it needs to be junked then start it over. Maybe I should have the teenagers set it up for me.

Delia starts her Playground Camp in the morning and Alexandra goes to her high school program, not summer school. Once again it’s late, past my bedtime, but at least it’s not tomorrow yet!

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