I love my kids SOOO much! We all love our kids, right? That’s how it’s supposed to be. We’re proud of them, take care of them, try like the Dickens to do the right things, while at least sometimes feeling like a complete failure.

Well, I feel like an awesome mom this week (well, sort of, fighting some kind of cold this week)! We had a Sweet 16 party for, wait for it…our 16 year old on Saturday.  I don’t want to brag…wait, yes, I do…IT WAS GREAT! Everything went smoothly, she was happy, the other kids had fun, a bunch of family was there and they had fun, too.

It was like having a mini wedding. We sent invitations, hired a hall, DJ, photographer, theme was masquerade, made decorations.  Everything was color coordinated, including her brother who escorted her into the party when the DJ made the announcement. There was the Father/Daughter dance, can you say “tear-jerker” OMG! It was great. She had her nails, hair, and make-up done. It was a production! I took mostly videos and I haven’t received the CD of pictures  from the photographer yet…so not many pictures yet. While I await them, please enjoy these. <3

Yummy subs! ACKKK! The banner shifted! It is not straight and letters are not even…my OCD *hates* this.
C & Oma, frosting courtesy of the sister.
Papa with C


Kids at the soda bar. Notice the fast moving grandson in the foreground. 😉


The Candy Bar
Most of the fam

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