Motorhome news

Winter is the perfect time to get work done on the motorhome. Instead of taking up so much space in our driveway, it’s away getting some TLC. We needed  to get some caulking done and a few frivolous things, like gutters. Had them check out the belts, hoses and brakes…all fine. PHEW! But we learned that the tires were beginning to show some dry rot…UGH! We had been planning to take a lengthy trip and what a horrible surprise it would have been to discover that away from home.  We have AAA and Good Sam, but replacing 6 tires is no joke! $310/tire. 😛 So, since it’s having an extended stay at the dealers,may as well do a few other things. The sink is horrible, stainless steel, but rusted (hmmmm), not to mention the drain was higher than the bottom of the sink, meaning water sat in the sink. The faucet also crowed the sink so the large corn pot just wasn’t getting washed inside. So, new faucets all around (kitchen, bathroom and shower), I’m not a primadonna (promise), but my DH wants them to match.

We can hardly wait to try it all out. For now we are just going to chill out waiting for the blizzard on Tuesday…THEN we’ll starting dreaming of our vacations!

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