A family day

Today we woke up and went to the flea market again. We had to, we asked one of the vendors to hold some items for us. We got those and a few other items. Got them home, cleaned them off, and put them on display. Loving the new look we are achieving!

My father-in-law stopped by to visit for a couple hours.  That’s always nice, he hasn’t been by in a while.

The little one is going to Lake Compounce on Wednesday. Since there is a water park we wanted her to have water shoes so she doesn’t have to worry about putting shoes in a locker. Trouble is…we couldn’t find any!!!  Not even the “W” store had them. We will try one more place tomorrow.

Back home and we moved a few more boxes into the Pod, then a few more items into the motorhome. Sat in there for a few minutes discussing future plans. We do that a lot.

Today was a really nice day. I’m glad we still have another day together. We will get even more accomplished and have fun too.

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