Technically it’s Sunday now…

What a Saturday! After staying up until 3:00 last night (this morning), I had an activity filled day. Walking the flea market with my honey was fun. Found a few treasures for our rustic décor. Thankfully the vendors know us and held them for us since we left the house without cash!  UGH!

I also found a lovely purple glass ring holder. Since my favorite color is purple, I though it was just sweet. However, I actually bought it for (get this…) my husbands, former co-workers, sister-in-law. We had been considering starting our homestead in Tennessee and since his in-laws live there we figured that would be a perfect place to start looking. We met them and spent about and hour and a half with them.  I just *adore* them. We visited in April and I had been meaning to send her a little gift for her perfect home. FOUND IT! I hope she loves it as much as I think she will.

Normally I am much too timid to negotiate prices, but I had a break through today. There were just a few singles in my wallet for the flea market. This one vendor had his treasures in beat-up cardboard boxes. Peering into each one to search for just the right prize, and keeping and ear open to determine if his prices might be too steep for my nearly empty wallet. That’s when I saw it, purple cuteness. It’s tiny, dirty and hardly worth a second glance. I waited for him to notice me and I started, “Would you take a dollar for this?” and he said, “No, I don’t take a dollar for *any* colored glass.” Hmmm, maybe I was wrong, I don’t have enough on me, rats, no wait… “OK, what’s your price?” “Three dollars.” He says. That’s about when I would either say ok and pay or just walk away. I would have paid $5 and been happy, but dang, something in me said, “Would you take $2?” And he accepted. He commented that I was a good negotiator…BAHAHAHA!  ME?!? Ah, good times. I told him I was learning some tricks from my husband.

I know I’m being ridiculous over my $2 purchase, but it was that feeling of victory. It’s a start! 😉

The rest of the day was nice too.  We bought our season passes to Lake Compounce. We booked our first stay with the motor home. Both of these are to accommodate us and the birthday parties the girls hose to have there.  All three of them will be having their birthday party on the same day! Loving that idea!

Then we had a few chicken wings for dinner.  Sarah came over to watch the fireworks. They were great, as usual! After that we dropped her home. I was driving and was looking forward to heading home, but Carlos had another idea.  Our McDonalds had just been rebuilt and opened on Friday. We had to check it out! We ordered our burgers (no drinks or fries) and Carlie had to try out the new playscape.  Two steps up and she wiped out. Hard. On her front teeth.  OH CRAP! No blood, but her teeth hurt.  🙁 Not cool. Her new adult front teeth are beautiful. I hoped she didn’t damage them. A couple “pink pills” and she’s resting comfortably.

Another great day!

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