It’s been a while.

So much has been going on. Just that time of year I suppose. Things are beginning to wrap up. The school year is almost over and the extra-curricular activities have all but stopped.  PHEW!

Girl Scouts has finished, field trips are done, the recital is over…the count down to the last day of school and then…

There is one major and totally awesome event left: A WEDDING!

Yes, on June 17, 2017, we will be attending our youngest sons wedding! The ceremony and reception will be held at the brides mother’s house. We recently attended the bridal shower which was also held there – WHAT FUN! Their backyard, while small, has all the elements of a vacation spot, specifically Key West! There is the all important bar area, the gazebo area, the fire pit area, the beach area (!!), the tiki area and the patio area.  All kinds of memorabilia and decor to make you feel as if you are on vacation in the Keys. I dare say, the only things missing was the salt water smell. I bet we could figure that one out!  😉

The Bride and Groom are keeping everything simple and low-key,  it will be small (under 50 people). Not an easy task when the Groom’s immediate family is 24 (grandparents, parents, siblings, significant others, niece & nephews).

I do hope to post again prior to the wedding as I have been busy making crafts…so busy making things, that I haven’t switched gears to attempt to sell them.Definitely have to work on that!

So, toodles until next time…

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