It’s the most amazing thing!

A friend and former co-worker has been crafting in her basement for a few years and had begun bringing her finished products to a few different stores to sell. Then something wonderful happened! While her wares were selling just fine at these stores she wound up with an opportunity to OPEN HER OWN STORE! I am beyond happy and excited for her…and yet…wildly jealous! As I mentioned, she is a *former* co-worker. She was able to leave her job and start living a dream! All that is fantastic for her, but as wonderful as that is, it completely motivated me to really crank up my crafts. Why? Because before, to sell something I had to list it in Etsy, on eBay, post it on some tag sale site on Facebook, or here. Most of those options involve shipping and typing up lengthy descriptions, snapping pictures and that cuts into my crafting time.  UGH! Now I make a bunch of things and bring them to her shop. Beautiful! And *amazing*!!! I am selling items already and she has only been open for a couple weeks.  The Grand Opening is May 5,2017.

So, what is her shop called? Stacey T’s Treasures and Artisan Boutique.  Have a look around!

I can’t wait until someone can call me their former co-worker…  <3

2 thoughts on “It’s the most amazing thing!

  1. Valerie says:

    Well, we are feeling the same, my friend! I feel blessed and thrilled as well. I am very excited for your Grand Opening!! Your store exudes happiness, wish I could spend more time there. Best wishes for continued success.

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