Summer is almost here!

It’s quickly approaching one year since beginning my blog. I had hoped to already be moved, definitely further along with being self-sufficient, and having a thriving blog business. However, although it hasn’t happened yet, we are still proceeding in that direction.

The school year is almost over, just 4 more days, then a wedding, a week to prepare for a little vacation, the vacation and BANG, serious time.

Things have been going fairly well. The crafts I have been making are selling at Stacey’s shop. Well, actually, I hope, find out today as I pay her rent for the start of my 3rd month with her. Hopefully she has a generous check for me.  🙂  I am about to place a large order of supplies for my stock along with another piece of equipment to help with the process. My husband is always so agreeable. He sees my commitment much more than he has in the past, yes he never denies me whatever I look to pursue.

The crafts are only a part of the plan. They will provide the fun and peace in my life…and maybe even some cash to pay for necessities.  😉

Truly the most challenging thing is having teenage girls. The rough daily mental plan I make for myself each day generally gets tossed right out the window as soon as they wake up. Yesterday was the first day of high school finals. One child didn’t get to finish one test because of some issue which happened during the last class under the supervision of a substitute teacher. So, a make up test (??) involving staying after school seems to be in order. The other teen only has one exam so wishes to not remain at school the entire day. Meanwhile, I *am* still working, two schools are on half-day schedule, but the third is not. Both girls attend separate high schools, about 5 minute drive away from each other, but 30 minutes from our home. SO…do I go to work (driving) for 3 hours, drive 30 minutes to school #1, drive her home, go back to work and drive for 2 hours, drive to school #2, drive her back home, go back to work again for an hour to keep them happy? This means that the few moments I could accomplish *anything* would be gone AND I would be driving in the blistering heat of the third day in our heat wave. I hate sweating. Yes,my vehicle has AC, but my large yellow tin can does not. That’s assuming I have “my” bus as yesterday it was out of commission, having to borrow 2 others. Am I complaining? I kind of feel like I am complaining.  🙁 Have I mentioned that I don’t like to drive? I know, wacky that I am a bus driver, but remember, that was  means to an end. So I could drive the motor home coach.

Sheesh! I have typed a book already and we haven’t even talked about dance. So much more to talk about, yet, no time. I’m going to get ready for the day – STAY COOL and enjoy yours. 🙂

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