About me

That's me!
That’s me!

Hi! I’m Valerie.

I love my children and my husband. Together we make a great team.

I am very easy to please, and very easy to send into a rant. I love being happy.

I am employed, though not during the summer. I love this.

This section has the potential of becoming quite lengthy, so to avoid that, you will only see highlights and a bullet list of things I like in no particular order.  Please feel free to create your own list of things you like. It is very uplifting and positive, go ahead, try it!


  • my devoted husband
  • my wonderful children
  • smell of fresh baked cookies
  • sleeping children (I take lots of pictures of them, they hate that)
  • warm hands and feet
  • red wine
  • not making dinner and making dinner (just depends on the day)
  • being bored (at least I think so, it hasn’t happened in a *long* time)
  • making crafts of almost all kinds
  • being loved
  • chocolate
  • rustic/primitive décor
  • being cozy
  • laughing until I’m crying
  • sight-seeing (which will be amazing in the new motorhome!)
  • recycling something into a treasure
  • my Cricut Explore – it’s turning into a full on addiction.