Decal instructions

Your decal comes in three sections:

  1. the top clear transfer tape
  2. the actual decal
  3. the backing paper side.
To adhere the decal to your solid surface you will need a cleaner (denatured alcohol is best, but rubbing alcohol works just as well), a lint-free cloth, and a sturdy thin flat item, like a credit card.
  1. Clean area of surface where decal is to be placed with the alcohol and cloth. Be sure it dries completely before adhering the decal.
  2. Slowly peel off the backing paper side first (this side), be sure no lettering remains on the paper. If it does, use the credit card or other thin flat item to press the 3 layers together and try again.
  3. Line up decal where you want it on your surface. Press firmly, using the credit card. For larger items, start in the middle and press toward the edges.
  4. Slowly peel off the clear transfer tape side making sure all letters adhere to your window. If any parts remain on the clear transfer tape, replace the tape to the decal and rub with the credit card until it adheres to your surface. Peel back the clear transfer tape.
  5. Enjoy !

**Pictures to follow.**