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Summer is almost here!

It’s quickly approaching one year since beginning my blog. I had hoped to already be moved, definitely further along with being self-sufficient, and having a thriving blog business. However, although it hasn’t happened yet, we are still proceeding in that direction. The school year is almost over, just 4 more days, then a wedding, a Read More

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It’s been a while.

So much has been going on. Just that time of year I suppose. Things are beginning to wrap up. The school year is almost over and the extra-curricular activities have all but stopped.  PHEW! Girl Scouts has finished, field trips are done, the recital is over…the count down to the last day of school and Read More

The Man Cave pic

Motorhome news

Winter is the perfect time to get work done on the motorhome. Instead of taking up so much space in our driveway, it’s away getting some TLC. We needed  to get some caulking done and a few frivolous things, like gutters. Had them check out the belts, hoses and brakes…all fine. PHEW! But we learned Read More