Welcome 2018!

2017 was a great year.

It had it’s moments of unpleasantness, but overall it was quite lovely. Certainly more wonderful than 2016. It is my great hope that 2018 will be better still. Towards the end of the year I opted to do many things related to my “business”. As October was underway, I pulled my items from the local store and chose to focus on craft fairs. The tricky part about wanting a business is that you want to make money, right? Most folks know that you also must invest (spend) money to make money…why is it tricky? I didn’t happen to have money to spend to have products to sell.  UGH! Some of my items are created from re-purposed materials, which helps, but in addition to having items, if you are looking to sell at craft fairs, you have to pay for your space up front.

SOOOOO, I only attended one craft fair, but I feel it was successful as I came home with more money than I had paid for the space.  Did it cover my materials and time? Not really. Maybe next year. Meanwhile, I have been enjoying making designs to sell on Etsy.  the beauty of those are that, being digital files, I do not have to physically mail anything, it is automatic. Sure, there are substantial fees (compared to the price per item), and sales are slower than my dreams. I’m happy knowing that I have moved beyond the starting line.

Therefore this means, to me, that I have a head start on 2018 and things will be terrific!

Wishing you all similar terrific-ness and success for your 2018!

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