My beautiful dancer!

Our wonderful dancer teacher, Miss Patti, had a spot available for my Brooke to get 4 hours of instruction from 4 different instructors in 4 different dance styles: jazz, tap, contemporary and hip-hop.

Brooke is a ballerina, she appreciates tap, but is *not* a tap dancer. Jazz is fine, but she loves being en pointe. Hip-hop? No, not her… Contemporary, I think we’ve heard of it. Well, what the heck, it’s dancing, it’s got to be good.


She had a terrific time. Miss Patti was able to stay and watch the whole thing, parents weren’t allowed. There were awards at the end and we didn’t get any, but we were able to take some balloons home. 😉 FUN!

She was *so* sore. She still raved about how much she got out of it. She still loves pointe, but also now has a fondness for contemporary and hip-hop. Miss Patti took a video, can hardly wait to see it. I will be sure to post it, if I can.

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