Quick Change

If you have been reading my posts, you know I have three girls living at home. They are now 16, 15 and 7.5. We wanted the oldest to have her privacy and gave her her own room. We only have 3 bedrooms so the two youngest shared. It worked well, but that was a couple years ago when the tweens hated each other. They *finally* found some common ground and often spend time bouncing around between each others rooms. #mommywin I’d include daddy, but he’s not into computers, or internet, or any other technology, he just got a smartphone 2 months ago (hand-me-down from the 16 year old)…totally old school and i *LOVE* him for that.

Anyway, since the teenagers have been getting along so well and the 7 years old seems to get in the way I thought we should switch. I wasn’t sure the 16 year old would want to share or that the 7 year old would want to be alone as it’s not as close to mommy and daddy’s room, but much to my delight they had thought the same thing just a week ago.  AWESOME!!!

So, no sooner than I mention it and the two girls moving start packing boxes all the details were worked out.           








There’s always a catch, some fly in the ointment… The littlest used to *love* pink, but now she’s hot into purple and blue. CRAP! Her bedspread, curtains, rug, pillows, lampshade, desk…all pink. What’s a mom to do, I am *not* buying all new stuff because we’re switching rooms, heck we’re supposed to be moving soon anyway.  Hmmm, I can DYE the fabric stuff, paint the desk (again) and lamp…may have to replace a shade (so sad, i *love* that little lamp). Off to Wal-Mart.

Soon all will be well. The trip to Lowe’s for paint will have to wait, not feeling*that* ambitious today. The best part: since I am no longer a huge fan of driving, but the 16 year old has her permit, she got to drive me around today…WIN WIN!  YAY ME! It’s a great day. <3

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