My sad garden

I started a bit late.

The hectic schedules around here keep me on my toes and any plans I ever attempt are constantly thwarted by anything two teenage girls can come up with. For instance yesterday, the 15 year old technically still has school although finals were done last week. The time of her orthodontist appointment required me to pick her up from school. Between the school and the office I notice my Jeep was shimmy-ing at 55 mph, and a peculiar burning kind of smell. Everything else seemed OK, but being half an hour from home with a child made me anxious. Called my darling husband, if he says to go ahead and drive it home, I will. BUT he says he’s coming down (thank all that is good that he was HOME) and he will check it out. He does and it turns out I only need a new brakes, caliper, and rotor. However, my quick jaunt that I would have been home by 3:30 turned into all kinds of other tasks. Calling part stores, going to the store to retrieve said parts, calling on friends with a garage to impose on them to fix. UGH! It has to be done sooner than later as we are travelling next week.

The silver lining…it happened while we were still here and not far from home.

Back to the garden, it’s sad. I planted a few things: peas, kale, lettuce, carrots, watermelon, and beets. I also planted some cantaloupe seeds from a cantaloupe we had just eaten. When some of the seeds sprouted I was thrilled, then I realized I had no idea what it was. The seeds look like pumpkin seeds, but we didn’t have pumpkin. I thought they were cantaloupe, but they are too big.  What the heck did I plant?? I guess we will have to wait an see.

I also thought, what the heck and put a couple of small potatoes in there, a garlic clove, an onion that had begun to sprout, and two green onions that were growing wild.

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