Changes are on the horizon

What a whirlwind life has been these past few weeks! I thought once school things were settled, it would be back to normal. NOPE! We’ve had Dr appointments like crazy! Some folks deal with those on a regular basis, not us. We all see the doctor once a year for physicals, dentist twice a year for cleanings and eye doctor once a year for good measure. Then we’re done, but not this year. This year we have GI issues, still trying to determine if it’s Celiac’s or something else. When the 16 year old avoids gluten (oh, and dairy now as well), she feels better…but instead of just going with that we apparently must see all the specialists, do all the lab work, twice and keep the child out of school to do it. UGH!

The 15 year old had surgery when she was 9 and is experiencing some discomfort near the scar tissue. The original surgeon and her pediatrician suggested physical therapy, that didn’t do anything. Different doctor in the same practice said to consult a local surgeon who performs that same surgery for their input. Did that, got the x-rays. He seems to think that it’s likely coincidental regarding the location, may be unrelated to the surgery (both initial and follow-up). Waiting to hear about the x-rays.

Yesterday the 16 went to the dentist, she said her gums were swollen all the way in the back. It’s pretty early, but I’m thinking wisdom teeth. X-ray, and YES, they are impacted. GREAT! More doctors appointments and more missing school.

Oh there’s more, the 16 year old just started working a month ago. She’s saving her money so she can get her license. She has the permit, and has been practicing, but it’s almost time for the whole enchilada. She is also an actor in the local Haunted House.

All this while I have been trying so very hard to get my business really geared up. Trying to get my name and products out there. I have many orders, mostly for family and therefore are gifts. I had many of my items in a local craft/gift store as you may recall having read. Her shop has been doing very well, it’s chock-full of all kinds of things. My products seemed to not quite fit in, somehow. Some things sold, but it wasn’t profitable enough so this evening I will be bringing it back home and I will resort to craft fairs for the season. They are fun and I will enjoy them.  Meanwhile, I HAVE learned quite a bit about making my own designs and have actually listed quite a few for sale on Etsy.  At this point only 2 sales however, those designs don’t really owe me anything. I made them for whatever project I wanted to make, now someone else can make something.  If you visit Etsy, look for me : CraftingByValerie

Anyway, time to finish up my other orders. Hopefully, word of mouth will continue and the paying customers will find me. 😉

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