My epsom salt turned yellow. :(

Whilst attempting a cute little craft that would use some fake snow I discovered that baking soda, while white, doesn’t really come off looking like snow. Hmmm, what else do I have? Corn starch would have the same trouble, too soft and fine. Alright, Pinterest time…

Epsom salt! Yes, ok, I believe I have some…pour it into my little jars and…ugh!  Why is it yellow?  Who would want a cute winter/Christmas-y candle with yellow snow?!?

Back to Pinterest, nothing. Google nothing. So, I don’t know why it yellowed, age? some mysterious ingredient added? Whatever the case, I still want to make this craft and have “white snow”. With nothing to lose short of a cup of Epsom salt which wouldn’t be any issue, I added some of the baking soda, not bad! I didn’t measure it but it’s roughly 1:1, so half Epsom salt and half baking soda.

What do you think? How does it look now? Not perfect perhaps, but certainly improved!








Here’s to hoping you don’t get yellow Epsom salt, but if you do, now you have an easy remedy.  🙂

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