A new day!

Today was the day. I have basically been secretly writing this blog. Secretly, because no one else knew anything about it…until today. Today I invited everyone on my Facebook friend list to see my blog. There’s no turning back now.  The master procrastinator bit the bullet.

Oh wait, no, there was one person, Kim. Kim from Made in a Day. She doesn’t know me at all. I did however comment on her blog that I really liked one of her projects and that I will be re-creating it myself on my new blog.  She cautioned me to give credit where it is due when posting information found on another persons blog.  ABSOLUTELY! I would never take credit for someone else’s ideas.  She did mention that she read what I had so far and thought it was well written.  Now, since that just happened two days ago, it must be the final push I needed to make the announcement.  Prior to that I wasn’t sure I had enough content and that I wouldn’t have enough going forward.

I will fear no more! I have been doing really well lately getting some of my fun things done. Making crafts, I love it. Sadly, the one that I found on Kim’s blog I am unable to work on today because I must buy some supplies. Until then I have been busy with a few other items.  Pictures of those items will be posted shortly AND available for purchase.  😀 At this time I will not be shipping items, they are for pick-up only. But let’s not get ahead of things…

Something else I will be doing is including pictures of non-crafted items for sale… Hey, this blog isn’t paying for itself yet.  😉 Your support is *immensely* appreciated.

Thank you! Warmly, -Valerie


2 thoughts on “A new day!

  1. Hello Valerie ~ thank you for visiting my blog The Krazy Kraft Lady and leaving a comment, I appreciate it. I hate to admit it, but my resolution to create 2 new crafts a week went down the drain, lol. I really did try and it worked for a while, but then I decided to repaint my bedroom furniture and give the room a whole new look and that took months that I wasn’t creating anything new. Maybe a resolution (for me) of one new item a week might work….we will see, lol.
    Best of luck to you on your blog and HAPPY NEW YEAR

    • Valerie says:

      Too funny! Yes, I totally understand, that’s where I have been as well. Taking care of the rest of the house I have completely neglected the blog. I *have* done more crafting than normal, however, no posts and somehow it has manage to become *February*! WHAT?!? Pictures and more blogging coming soon.

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