It’s February?

How in the world did that happen? Good grief!

I have been busy, that’s all I know. Sure, I suppose I could have squeezed in a blog post here and there, but about what? Well, now I have plenty to blog about. Let’s hope I can find the balance between work, being mom, moving forward with our homestead plans, crafting, AND the blog.

Well, since it’s February let me share some Valentine’s crafts I’ve made recently. Some cute wreaths. They are small and utilize recycled/reused items. For Christmas 2015 I had used some boughs from an artificial Christmas tree to make a lovely hanging decoration. It looks much nicer in person than the photos show. As a result of that craft, I imagined many other lovely crafts could be made from the lovely branches. Then, as luck would have it, I discovered someone selling their 7′ tree on one of those Facebook tag sale pages. I met her and only then realized, “What am I doing?? Now I need to store this entire tree somewhere,ugh.” Well, it is done. Better get started. Initially I had planned to make more of those lovely large decorations, but then I would have to store those as well. This is not getting better. Necessity is the mother of invention… so, first things first, eliminate as much of the tree that I don’t need. The center rod, nope don’t need it, the base, uh-uh, the metal rods to which each small branch is attached – gone…but wait. Dang, now I know what I can do with them.

Eventually, when I begin selling my goods I need a display. What better to display Christmas wares than on a Christmas tree? You will see that project later, I haven’t taken pictures yet. The branches that were not selected for that need to be dismantled, see it in this post.

With those little twigs, a wire hanger (everyone has those, right?), a few embellishments of your choice, and some simple tools: pliers, glue gun. DONE! See that project here.

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