Dismantling the tree

As I mentioned in my February 1, 2017 post, I purchased an artificial Christmas tree in order to make some crafts. After realizing how big the tree was to store, a need to condense the material was realized. Some of the larger branches were left intact to use as is. Most of the branches were deconstructed to make eventual use of them easier.

Initially, I had used wire cutters to remove a few twigs from the branch. Not liking the sharp ends, I chose to release the twigs from their threaded prison. The first one was horrible, the threads (there are 2 for each branch) would get easily tangled in the needles. My scissors were kept close by! Finally. the end of the branch, and I had a nice pile of twigs ready to be used for my crafts.

It didn’t take long to realize that I need to start at the very end, the part that would be toward the center trunk.

OH! That color-coded label is a sticker holding the thread ends to the branch. I may eventually post a video of the process, but until then these pictures of the process may help you.

Here is one of the small branches. See the yellow tag? That’s how you know where to place it on the tree. It’s also just a sticker holding the threads wrapped around the metal bar.
To begin deconstruction, tear off the sticker. I imagine all trees are built the same way, therefore they likely all are built by wrapping two threads around each branch.
As you unravel more and more be sure to not let the threads tangle in the branches, trust me, it gets ugly quick! Hard as I tried, it still occasionally gets caught, just catch it as soon as possible.
Here, enough has been unraveled that a few twigs are now loose – SUCCESS! Keep going, being careful not to tangle those threads.
When you are done, you will have a pile of usable material. This small branch yielded 16 twigs, nasty, nylon, grabby thread, and a metal bar. After doing a bunch of these, you will understand my dislike of the thread. 😉


Some branches were left intact to use for larger projects, two were bent to make a display tree for some crafts (pictures to come), the rest have been reduced to a large pile of twigs. <insert evil laugh> There is one remaining branch. In the near future I will unwind that one while making a video to help you see how easy it is. It may have already been done save for the fact that the weekend I spent on the rest of the tree injured my shoulder.  It’s been 3 weeks, it’s almost completely healed. (Pace yourself if you plan to do an entire tree, it didn’t hurt *at all* while I did it.)

Now it’s time for the real fun! Making your projects using evergreen twigs! Here are some things I have made with them.


Valentine wreath, small ribbon.
Valentine wreath, small raffia.
Wire basket on vintage wood board.
Vertical wreath with large bow and ornaments.

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