What is that?

Every now and then while driving on a main state road in my town I see this beat-up looking truck. The fact that it is a little rough around the edges didn’t make it stand out all that much. It was the letters on the front grill. Hand painted block letters on a piece of wood that didn’t make much sense, oh wait, they’re backwards (like the front of an ambulance)! OK, look again, but now it’s gone. Grrr

A week or so later,same deal,old truck what’s wrong with the grill, ooh, it’s that truck, letters are backwards, right, quick, read it, what does it say??? sway? I don’t know…

A week, a few days, whenever later, HEY, there’s that truck! It’s a web address! www.TimsWay.net Huh, that’s kind of intriguing…wonder what’s so clever about Tim’s way?

Yesterday: Oh yeah! TimsWay.net, I forgot to look that up, Must remember to find out about this. It turns out to be a modest little website,and that’s when I noticed the first thing.  Ohhhhh, it’s Tim Sway! Mr. Sway is a *very* talented and modest man from what I can tell. He transforms junk into wonderful works of art.  I watched his video transforming reclaimed barn wood into a lovely chest. He speeds through the entire process. All the steps and detail, just inspiring. Each side has staggered pieces which when joined together create a nice sturdy corner, everything fit together perfectly. My favorite part, that would generally go unnoticed are the little feet. He tapered them so they aren’t just chunky little bits.

Other items include wall sconces made from the turn signals from a Volkswagen Beetle. They are not my decorating style, but I love them! I appreciate his vision in creating them. There is no doubt, many more items he has created, and someday I will delve further in, but for now I wanted to share this with you.

Anything to encourage anyone to reduce, reuse and recycle! Do your part!  <3


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