Custom orders!

Oh boy! That was exciting!!

I have been making a bunch of crafts. Trying to figure out something that will allow my craft sales to take off.

Could this be it??

An item was listed in my Facebook post and someone asked about a similar theme, but for a different product.  Well, heck!  I can do that! So after a few conversations we agreed on the item, colors and all and got to work.  Within two days I delivered it to her and she loved it!  (YAY!) So Miss Diane then posted it (as well as a rave review!) on HER Facebook page. Now even more folks are looking at my items.  This make me very happy. I am so enjoying what I do, if it also fulfills a need that someone out there has, so much the better!

What was the item?  Oh, sure, here you go:

Finished a custom order yesterday. It was a big hit. I am so excited that she loved it. If you want one, or a pair, let me know. It can be customized to say anything you like. #06492rocks

Posted by Crafting Homestead on Monday, July 24, 2017


Is there something that you have been looking for, but haven’ found?  Maybe I can help!  Well, unless you’re looking for a good man…I lucked out and found one, but those are rare creatures indeed.  😉

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