Wedding gift dilemma solved!

Last year we were invited to a wedding.

The problem? We didn’t know the bride *or* the groom. My husband is a co-worker of the bride’s father. We respect him and were honored to be invited to their special day. We had no idea what they have, want, need, like.  How do you buy a gift with so little information?  Cash? I’m sure it would be put to good use, but how boring. Gift cards? Eh, slightly better, but still boring. It’s so much nicer to receive a thoughtful gift that you actually like and to actually have something to open besides an envelope.  😉

Their invitation was different, not your standard white embossed covered in flowers, hearts, and butterflies. Clearly it’s a style they like in colors that interest them, relaxed and neutral. I really liked it. I headed to the store to find a frame that would coordinate with the invitation, what a find, it was *perfect*!! Leaves engraved into it, the color matched nicely and it was a great price. I had a nice sheet of paper, centered the invitation towards the top, placed a piece of burlap ribbon across the bottom after placing three heart brads on it. Before placing it in the frame I wrote a little note inside, should they ever open it. Sadly, I don’t recall my exact words, just reminding them to always show their love for each other, not to take each other for granted. Then I wrapped it in a box with kraft paper and tied it up with a burlap bow. Of course, that wasn’t enough of a gift so we also put cash in a card, but at least they had something to open.



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